13 replies to Karina World – Set 22

  1. Sunny7

    If I ever did meet Karina World in my real world, I know exactly what I would want to say to her, ” Thank you … just – thank you ! ! ! “

  2. Nanard77

    Râââh . J’ adore la façon de ces ravissantes demoiselles de me tirer la langue ( photo 56 )

  3. Chelle

    Love this wild collection of photos. A lot of the shoot was choreographed, but you can tell these little beauties really had fun

  4. Miserable Bastard

    I’m sure this Karina is one of the three LS teen hotties eastblog needs to put back up on the site. The hottest little combo ever. Yet they’ve disappeared !

  5. Garcon Alain

    Miserable Bastard, it’s her alright. She’s hot in these Karina posts but at her best in the LS sets, where she’s just outrageous lol. My dream girl

  6. Uncle Effer

    This sure is one of the three LS hottest of the hot teens, I’d recognize those holes anywhere, they’re seared into my brain. Heaven on legs right there

  7. Dirty prick

    Karina is a 100 percent filthy, lewd, obscene, legs wide open, nasty slut. And I wanna marry her

  8. Hard Licker

    The definition of the opposite of torture: Being ordered to go down on Karina’s holy of holies for the rest of your natural life.

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