8 replies to LS Land 20 – Set 21

  1. Free the freckles

    The one disappointment is there are no good, clear close-ups of her exposed freckle. A real superhero wouldn’t keep her buttocks jammed tighter than a possum trap. Nice set, all the same.

  2. Eastblogs biggest fan

    Eastblog, please, please can you put up even one shot of the Karina World girl from one of her LS sets? She was hot as molten lead in those. Whaddaya say, pards?

  3. Pornophile

    My God, I am in lust with her gorgeous fresh face, her developing figure and her new-sprouted mound of pubic hair. She is so ripe and fresh for the plucking.

    Keep pushing the limits Eastblog, we love it!

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