17 replies to LS Land 21 – Set 18

  1. Alfared33

    Another example why LS has the very best Hebe models.
    What an absolute stunner.
    Perfection personified.

  2. Pizza guy (I aint carrying cash)

    If she’d invested in a razor these’d be world class pix. Defeat SNATCHed from the jaws of victory

  3. Noone

    I knew that eastblog would not dissapoint, they skipped this beauty from the Stunning dolls issue, and I was really sad, now here it is, eastblog, please return a litte bit to other issues, there are other girls that deserve to be published, thanks for keeping up the good work.

  4. Cum4youth

    The only time I eat a pussy that hairy is when she’s a hebe goddess like her! Perfect breasts, beautiful face, amazing ass. Hairy hebe pussy is better than no hebe at all!

  5. DJ Trump

    Shit, it’s like my own head of hair down there, men, who among you is brave enough to go in and do the job? I would but my bone spurs have flared up.

  6. Mike

    One of my favs and most beautiful models –

    As usual, I thank you for giving us the opportunity to appreciate perfection.

  7. Dildo Stabbins

    Gorgeous lass! What a beautiful face. If only it was cuvered. Thank you “For reference ” for the reference. Please eastblog.tv, put names to these fantastic women! Model blog does it well! What’s up with a bunch of nameless hotties?

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